Best #Hessa Moments From The ‘After’ Series On Netflix

Best #Hessa Moments From The ‘After’ Series On Netflix

Since the release of the movie, “After” on Netflix, it didn’t take long to become a successful film. All the films of the After series, which includes After, After We Fell, and After We Collided, are the new adult romantic drama obsession of the viewers after Twilight, The Kissing Booth, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

It is inspired by the bestselling novels by Anna Todd of the same name.

The sordid story of Tessa and Hardin is complicated, to say the least. The pair played by Tiffin and Josephine Langford really got into their characters. The chemistry and tension between them were palpable. These film series have the best romantic moments with great quotes from the characters Hardin and Tessa. While we wait for another film of After series, we can indulge ourselves in some more romantic scenes between Tessa Young and Hardin Scott.

Let us take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of passion, betrayal, secrets, and heartbreak.

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Best moments of Hardin and Tessa (#Hessa)

The First Impression

The first meeting between Tessa and Hardin was quite awkward. Tessa was in a hurry to rush inside her dorm room when she didn’t notice Hardin sitting in a dark corner, on Tessa’s roommate’s bed. After going through the awkward shock and nonchalant response from Hardin. He says to Tessa, “don’t flatter yourself, I am not looking.” Hardin walks out of the saying, “the Great Gatsby hates to spoil. It was all a dream.” Tessa replied, “actually it’s all a lie.”

The lake

Another romantic scene from the series is when Hardin brings Tessa to the countryside to visit the lake. This is the first time Tessa and Hardin became comfortable with each other, and they swim and talk about their personal lives.

The reconciliation

After a long argument between Hardin and Tessa, they moved away from each other. Landon calls Tessa for Hardin, who is out of control due to anger and intoxication. Hardin is having a really tough time, about his dad getting married and his mother is facing a tough time. Tessa consoles Hardin about the hard situation and the pair reconciles.

The final scene

In one of the best romantic scenes of the After film series, Tessa went back to the lake, where it all started. Hardin comes and sits near Tessa, and says, “you once asked me who I love the most in the world, it’s you.”

As the fourth film of the After series is still under production, we can brush up our memories by re-watching After, After we fell, and After we collided.

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