Best Feel-Good Shows Like Heartland on Netflix

Best Feel-Good Shows Like Heartland on Netflix

Heartland, a Canadian feel-good family drama that can lift your mood anytime. This Canadian series was started in 2007, and going on for over a decade. Recently, CBC renewed the fifteenth season with 10 episodes on June 2021. It seems the audience loves to be keen on the small-town drama, because of its simple lifestyle and heartwarming drama. The show has released over 200 episodes, but fans can’t get enough of Heartland. They value family and their heirlooms, which the characters took initiative to carry on for decades, and the most important part of Heartland is that it has horses, and they are charming, trust us. Fans have been finding shows like Heartland while they wait for the new season.

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Let us have a look at similar shows on Netflix.

Best shows like Heartland

Anne with an E

Another very popular show on Netflix, Anne with an E, which has a very matching vibe with Heartland. Inspired by the novel of Lucy Maud Montgomery which was titled Anne of Green Gables. The plot develops around a young girl named Anne Shirley, played by Amybeth McNulty. Anne was an orphan. Her biological parents abandoned her when she was very young and raised by the nuns. Another family of elderly siblings, Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert from Green Gables, wanted to adopt a young boy, who will be great to take help, in their old days. But instead of a boy, Mathew found a young girl who was jolly and chatty.

Anne felt what it’s like to be home and with family. With a small amount of time, she made a lot of new friends and met her love.

Spirit Riding Free

Another Netflix animated series, where a young girl falls in love with the horses just like Heartland. Spirit Riding Free, a DreamWorks Animation production which is going on for eight seasons on Netflix. If you think as an adult, animated series or films are just for kids- you need to think again. This series was inspired by the Oscar-nominated animated film, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The plot develops around a young girl from a big city who recently moves to a small town. Within a few days, she bonded with a horse named Spirit, as if they were together. This series is a gateway for all the audiences who have a free spirit.


If you love Heartland youth’s free spirit, you will surely love this one too. A young girl named Kris Furillo, played by Genevieve Cortese, is in the detention center and currently serving her time for theft. A volunteer discovers her talent, who gives Kris the freedom to snuggle with the horses at Raintree ranch.

After being adopted by a foster family, she worked hard to please everyone. On the other side, the Ranch is on the verge of bankruptcy. Kris rescues a special horse named Wildfire from the slaughter horse for the racehorse, who eventually became the last hope for Kris and the ranch.

Free Rein

If you are still in love with Heartland, you will love Free Rein on Netflix. Free Rein is a British show which develops around a young American girl who visits her mother’s hometown in Europe. She was mesmerized by Bright Fields, the best riding stable in town where she would meet a problematic, but a charming, horse named Raven. Along in her journey, Zoe made some amazing friends, faced rivals from other riders, and falls in love. This series will enjoy by all the young girls out there.

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The Ranch

An American sitcom at The Ranch, currently streaming on Netflix. The plot centered on the dysfunctional family life of Benett. Colt, the younger son of the Benett family, returns from his failing football career tries to save their Iron River ranch from financial distress. This show had been filmed in front of live audiences in California.

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