Best Easter Movies on Netflix to Stream for the Holy Vibes

Best Easter Movies on Netflix to Stream for the Holy Vibes

Netflix has movies for all seasons and festivities. No matter your religion, the streaming giant indeed has a film to get you in the mood for the holidays. And since Easter is around the corner, how can Netflix not have great movies for you to watch with your family after a successful egg hunt. So here is a curated list of movies to watch this Easter on Netflix.

Easter movies on Netflix for you to watch


Hop is the Easter version of the Polar Express, without the terrifying puppet sequence. It follows the Easter Bunny’s successor, who prefers to be a drummer versus becoming a public character. He flees to Los Angeles, like other ambitious musicians, and crashes on the sofa of Fred, who is unemployed.

The two must defend themselves, and eventually Easter Island, from Carlos the Chick‘s coup attempt.

Come Sunday

Come Sunday is a Netflix original film about Carlton Pearson‘s expulsion. It’s based on a genuine story about an evangelical bishop who taught that even those who weren’t “saved” wouldn’t perish in Hell. Pearson was labeled a heretic as a result of this emotion, causing him personal and professional troubles.

The dispute, on the other hand, provides for a compelling biography and an insightful look at organized religion that will enrich any Easter celebration

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Over the Moon

You already know you’re in for a family sing-a-long with this Oscar-nominated Netflix Original film starring Hamilton’s Phillipa Soo. The story follows Fei Fei and her family as they prepare for their village’s Moon Festival.

Unfortunately, Fei Fei’s mother falls ill and, before leaving away, gives her daughter a bunny called Bungee. Fei Fei constructs a rocket to the moon in honor of her mother to show that the Moon Goddess is real after all.

The Young Messiah

The Young Messiah follows a young Jesus as he returns from Egypt to Nazareth. This philosophical picture is your best pick if you’re seeking a biblical drama to watch on Easter. Jesus’ boyhood is explored in The Young Messiah, as well as his journey of comprehending the significance of his future.

It also looks at his mother, Mary, who is responsible for informing Jesus that he is the son of God and preparing him for what is to come.

Watership Down

Watership Down is officially a limited series. It is, however, far too Easter-appropriate to be excluded from this list. There are four hour-long episodes in this Netflix and BBC collaboration.

Watership Down is a film about a warren of rabbits that are looking for a new home. It’s as devastating as the summary implies, so if you want a tear-jerking reminder of how cute the Easter Bunny family is, here is the film for you.

All of these films are currently streaming on Netflix. Go give them a watch and let us know your favorite among the lot.

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