Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now – October 2021

Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now – October 2021

Netflix has always provided us with some best original documentaries. Sometimes, some documentaries’ genres give us far more relatable stories than fiction. A couple of them have also won at Oscars. Ranging from deep and dark to real-life fascinating stories, Netflix has a rich catalog of documentaries. They give us very different, unique, inspiring, educating, and exciting perspectives of the real world. Most streamed are those involving murder mysteries, heists, and psychological thrillers.

So, let’s explore the best documentaries premiering right now on Netflix.

My Octopus Teacher

The 2020 Oscar-winning Documentary, My Octopus Teacher, follows a man who develops a strange relationship with an Octopus off the Cape Town Coast. It is peculiar to sound but it is one of the best documentaries streaming on Netflix right now.

Foster started diving at Cape Town, South Africa, where he met a young curious octopus that caught his attention. For one year, he followed the octopus – how she sleeps, eats, and lives. Foster starts forming an intimate and growing relationship with her. Eventually, she dies of natural reasons, tending her eggs.

Murder Among The Mormons

In 1985, a series of bombings happened in Salt Lake City. These bombings unearthed a scandal concerning the Latter-Day Saint church. Mark Hofmann, the accused bomber, was involved in selling documents related to the faith’s history. But, it was not just that, there’s a twist. Some of them can counter our faith, and the history as we know our elders taught us. The creators of the documentary have shown what Hofmann was capable of doing – from forgery and illegal acts to homicide in the name of God.

Tell Me Who I am

This one is a heartbreaking documentary about Alex Lewis, who had an accident at 18. The mishap put him in a coma and wiped out most of his memories. When he wakes up, his twin brother helps him regain his memories, mostly happy memories while omitting the traumas from their childhood. This in turn creates an alternate history for Alex.

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The brothers finally share the truth and their real history as adults. Which condition do you think will be most suited in this case – sharing honest memories with a regrettable past, or only the happy ones?

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is an American true-crime documentary about the life of a zookeeper and convicted felon Joe Exotic. He broke many laws to keep the big cats. The twist in the documentary comes when a conservationist named Carole Baskin takes up rivalry with Joe Exotic. As the creators go deeper, they even find criminal links, sex cults, and some unsolved murders.

The second season of Tiger King is set to release this November.

The Ripper

The Ripper is a British true-crime documentary about a serial killer who murdered multiple women. Most of the women were prostitutes for whom police did not give any attention, essentially in the Yorkshire area. The docuseries depicts a ghastly crime spree and how the officials failed to protect the women of the country.

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