Best Anthology Series on Netflix (Right Now)

Best Anthology Series on Netflix (Right Now)

What is the best anthology series on Netflix? We have listed the most interesting anthology series filled with amazing stories.

As the world’s leading streaming service, Netflix continues to offer the most brilliant titles for its subscribers. Varying from impressive documentaries to long-running TV series, Netflix is always planning to release new projects for us to sit and binge-watch.

Among the brilliant shows and movies, there are also anthologies. These series come with various episodes that do not have a complete correlation between them. Though the episodes of the anthology series usually have a similar theme. A certain writer’s four short stories might be adapted into an anthology series even though they do not have any relation to each other.

What is an anthology series?

For example, horror-thriller anthology series with different episodes might not tell about one complete story. Yet they share a familiar theme all through the season. Another example would be Love, Death and Robots series. Each one of the episodes has one of the fundamentals that make up the whole show: love, death or robots.

Now that we have defined the genre, let’s have a look at the best anthology series on Netflix that you can watch right now.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of the most famous series worldwide. The anthology did not only star lots of famous actors and actresses, but it also had brilliant production value.

Created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror takes viewers on a journey through technological dystopias. People are bound to their screens and technological advancement have their toll on the human society. But when the electronics go off, the only thing we see is a reflection of ourselves in a black mirror.

Love, Death and Robots – N Originals

This one is probably one of the most successful anthology series of all time. Created and tailored by the most famous and talented names in the industry, Love, Death and Robots consist of two volumes and lots of brilliant animations. You can also have a look at our post explaining the endings of season 2.

The episodes might take you to the plains of Soviet Russia, they might also depict a world conquered by yogurt. Every animation in the series is magnificent works of great animators and directors like David Fincher and Tim Miller.


Norwegian anthology TV series tells about a bus ride and its passengers. The interesting plot of the show focuses on a different passenger in each episode. As the bus goes on its way, in every episode a passenger gets off and the story revolves around them.

That being said, the stories are usually bloody and they are also filled with horror.

Lust Stories

Another Netflix anthology series is coming from India. Hindi anthology series is directed by Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, and Zoya Akhtar. The anthology series consists of four episodes and focuses on the intimate and secret relationship between people.

Lust Stories focuses on what happens behind closed doors and it follows a college professor, student, maid, and a banker as their affairs are unraveled.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is also an Indian anthology series. The directors of the show are the ones who served in the creation of Lust Stories. You can also think of these two series as the anthologies of talented Indian directors.

Similar to Lust Stories, Ghost Stories also consists of four different episodes. Though instead of unveiling the intimate affairs between people, it takes people on a journey filled with horror and thriller.

Well, these are some of the best anthology series on Netflix that is available right now. Have you watched them, what are your opinions about these titles? Let us know in the comments.

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