Behind Her Eyes season 2 release date, is it renewed this year?

Behind Her Eyes season 2 release date, is it renewed this year?

Netflix has not announced Behind Her Eyes season 2 release date yet. Is the show renewed? Here’s everything we know about the limited series.

Behind Her Eyes season 1 finale was one of the most shocking endings we have ever seen on the popular streaming platform. The mind-puzzling ending has left us shaking and wondering if there’s going to be another season. Rob was using Louise’s body all along while Adele’s body had been rotting in the pit. So, is Behind Eyes Season 2 coming or is it cancelled?

Behind Eyes Season 2 release date: it hasn’t been renewed yet

Fans of the show have been expecting Netflix to renew Behind Her Eyes for another season since the twisting season 1 finale. Yet it is also important to note that Netflix aired the show as a limited series. Meaning that it was planned to be only one season.

On the other hand, Behind Her Eyes was really successful and managed to stay in the charts for a long time. Netflix might want the show to continue for another season. And it is also important to note that Behind Her Eyes is based on a novel with the same name.

“I would be interested to see where it goes” writer said

The writer of the novel Sarah Pinborough also commented about a possible season 2. She said that the ending we got in season 1 was really closed. And considering the questions that entangled our minds after the finale, another season would be great to show what Rob is going to do next.

Although a show labeled as miniseries or limited series come in one season, there has been exceptions in the past. A couple of very succesful miniseries were renewed after one season. But knowing that the first season of Behind Her Eyes are based on the novel, the writers should come up with an original storyline to continue Rob’s story.

Is Behind Her Eyes renewed?

Like we mentioned above, there has not been an official announcement or comment about a new season. So the show has not been renewed. But if there’s will, there’s way.

So let’s watch the official trailer for the show again. Or maybe binge-watch the whole first season. As you know who is who, watching the show with another perspective might be interesting.

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