‘Behind Her Eyes’ Netflix Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

‘Behind Her Eyes’ Netflix Release Date, Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

Based on the same-named novel Behind Her Eyes is coming to Netflix soon! The upcoming series will take us to a passionate affair and an evil secret. So I think we better begin to prepare already since the new psychological thriller series is almost here for us!

Let’s dive into Behind Her Eyes and learn a little bit about it before it catches us unaware.

What’s the synopsis of the ‘Behind Her Eyes’ series?

The story of the upcoming series Behind Her Eyes revolves around Louise, who is a single mother and begins to have an affair with her boss. But at the same time, Louise also developing a friendship with her forbidden lover’s wife. So, they interfere in a twisted love triangle they could ever imagine. The upcoming series will be airing as a mini-series and include 6 episodes.

On the other hand, Netflix also implied and referred to the book for its shocking conclusion as well. So, for the ones like me who haven’t read to book, there will be much more confusion and surprises it seems. I started to wonder already as I am hitting the Remind Me button on Netflix right now…

Cast members of the series:

It seems that the mini-series cast will also be mini. The upcoming British psychological thriller limited series is created and adapted for television by Steve Lightfoot and Erik Richter Strand is directing the miniseries. The revealed names for the cast are fewer but they also seem just fitted too.

  • Simona Brown as Louise
  • Eve Hewson as Adele
  • Tom Bateman as David
  • Robert Aramayo as Rob

When is the release date of the ‘Behind Her Eyes’ series?

Behind Her Eyes will be released on Netflix on 17 February 2021. So we don’t have much time to get ready actually. But who cares to be on the edge sometimes, especially by passionate love and its troubles? Well, I don’t!

And till the day we meet on 17th of February, here is the series’ trailer so that you may ease or raise even more your intention.

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