Beastars season 2 release date details: When will Netflix release season 2?

Beastars season 2 release date details: When will Netflix release season 2?

Beastars season 2 release date was not listed among the returning shows in May 2021. When will Netflix release the second season?

Although there are 2 seasons of the anticipated anime, the episodes of the second seasons have not been aired on Netflix yet. There might be some time until we get to watch it on the streaming platform. Yet again, it is refreshing to know that there is actually another season released in Japan. This means that it is just a matter of time to watch the rest of the story on Netflix.

What is the synopsis of Beastars?

Beastars anime series tells a murder story in a world inhabited by animals. The cleverly designed characters of the anime series depict a lovely friendship and a strong bond. The anime is based on the Japanese manga series created by Paru Itagaki. There are currently two seasons of Beastars and it first aired on Netflix in March 2020.

The official description of Beastars is:

“In a school populated by anthropomorphic animals, a humble wolf with anxiety investigates a classmate’s sudden murder. While contending with his bewildering feelings for a kindly dwarf rabbit.” Also, the voice cast includes Chikahiro Kobayashi, Jonah Scott, Brian Beacock, Ben Diskin, Lara Jill Miller, Daman Mills, and Fukushi Ochiai.”

When is the Netflix release date for Beastars season 2?

Netflix announced that the second season of Beastars will be on the platform in July 2021. Even though there is not an exact release date, we know that Beastars season 2 is right at the door. And it is always great to re-watch the first season while waiting for the second one.

Beastars season 2 will come with 12 episodes like the first season. The episodes last about 20 minutes and Netflix has already dropped a season 2 trailer for the fans.

Here’s the official trailer for the popular anime below!

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