Bad Vegan: How Is Alec Baldwin Connected to Sarma Melngailis?

Bad Vegan: How Is Alec Baldwin Connected to Sarma Melngailis?

Netflix has surely invested in a lot of true crime documentaries. On March 16, the streamer dropped yet another documentary, Bad Vegan, which true crime fans quite obviously lapped it up. The four-part series follows celebrity restauranter Sarma Melngailis’s bizarre story of attaining immortality. The series comes from the creators of Tiger King and Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened. Despite the ridiculous narrative, superstar Alec Baldwin’s involvement with the Vegan fugitive was a major surprise!  

Was Alec Baldwin in a relationship with Sarma?

Alec Baldwin was romantically interested in Sarma. He would frequently visit the star restauranter’s eatery, Pure Food, and Wine. The Saturday Night Live star never masked his interest. He would take to Facebook to make posts like “When in New York, folks, go to Pure Food and Wine even if just to stare at Sarma.” 

They were pretty close with each other. The two would be chatting nonstop on the phone or by email. “Sometimes when you meet somebody, you feel like you already know them. It felt like that with him,” she commented about their relationship. This all happened before Shane Fox. Since Sarma was in a relationship at that time, she couldn’t be with Baldwin. Instead, she advised him to get a pet dog to keep him company. That is when she found her beloved pitbull, Leon. Alec would eventually meet his current partner, Hilaria at her restaurant later on. 

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Sarma would meet Shane Fox through Alec on Netflix documentary Bag Vegan

Whether it was confidence or not, Sarma would meet Shane Fox online in 2011. Apparently, Alec was having an online beef with Shane. Since Sarma could no longer pursue a relationship with Alec, she chose to divert all her attention to Shane. And so it began. The man who would be the downfall of Sarma. He promised Sarma that he could grant her and Leon mortality in exchange for lots of cash. Sarma would go on to steal $2m for the guy and go on a run with him. They were later arrested in a motel in Tennessee. 

Bad Vegan is streaming on Netflix now. 

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