Atypical season 4 official trailer dropped: Here’s what to expect

Atypical season 4 official trailer dropped: Here’s what to expect

The popular streaming platform Netflix shared the trailer of Atypical season 4, reminding us of the release date once again.

Atypical is a Netflix Original comedy series about a teenager’s coming-of-age story. That teenager, named Sam Gardner, is rather an atypical one, for he has autism spectrum disorder. In the story, we see how he tries to liberate himself from his family and establish romantic relationships.

The feedback towards the show has been better and better with every season, especially in terms of the series’ portrayal of ASD, and we’re on the verge of the release of the fourth season now.

The series debuted on the streaming platform in August 2017 with its initial season. The second season came roughly a year after the first one, in September 2018. Quite periodically, Netflix released the third season in November 2019. They renewed Atypical for season 4 a year ago and announced its release date around two weeks ago. Netflix also shared a first look at the fourth season while announcing the release date. And now, they released the official trailer of Atypical season 4.

Atypical season 4 official trailer

We see what awaits us in the fourth season in the official trailer of Atypical season 4. Apparently, Sam is going to have some problems adjusting to his new life, which may prompt him to return home. His mother, who’s anxious about his child’s well-being, is quite content with this situation as far as we can tell. Check out the trailer of Atypical’s fourth season below.

Here’s Netflix’s official synopsis of Atypical season 4:

“With Casey and Sam both on the cusp of leaving the nest, each member of the Gardner family faces big decisions about where life will go next.”

What to expect from Atypical season 4?

In addition to what the trailer shows us, we already loosely knew what to expect from the fourth season of Atypical. They’re probably going to show us how the relationship of Elsa and Doug is going to end up, given its bumpy nature throughout the show. Casey, Evan, and Izzie’s love triangle might be seen as one of the loose ends, too. In the end, as the trailer shows us, we’re going to see the ultimate effect of Sam’s decision on his life.

What is the release date of Atypical season 4?

Atypical season 4 is going to be exclusively on Netflix on July 9th. Netflix announced the release date with the first-look photos before, and they reminded us of it with the official trailer. Speaking of the first-look photos, you can have a look at them below.

Are there going to be more seasons of Atypical?

Unfortunately, not. As Netflix pointed out in the tweet above, we’re not going to see more Atypical after its fourth season. However, we can expect a good finale as the streaming platform said “The best endings are atypical.” in the description of the official trailer. Something unexpected might be underway.

In addition to that, you can check out the other shows or movies about mental health on Netflix. Atypical is sure one of the best among those, but there is other quality content out there on Netflix, too.

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