As Julia Garner Wins The Best Supporting Actress Awards, Here Are Her 10 Best One-liners From ‘Ozark’

As Julia Garner Wins The Best Supporting Actress Awards, Here Are Her 10 Best One-liners From ‘Ozark’

With the enormous stardom of Ozark, the world saw the emergence of such splendid stars that we hardly knew before. Jason Bateman filtered some masterclass actors for the scripted characters and made Ozark reach the pinnacle of its genre. One of such leading faces of the entire show was Julia Garner, who gave life to Ruth Langmore. Needless to say, the actress has already swept away three massive wins for this character.

Now, what made her worth all of it? That is certainly a huge list. However, we have got you a spectrum of 10 such spine-chilling deliveries of dialogues by Julia from Ozark that made her the star she is now. With that amazing cutthroat savagery and southern accent, she did more justice to Ruth than anyone else.

Top 10 ‘Ruth’less moments we  had by Julia Garner in Ozark


This is at the top of the list of all her brilliant performances. This was the scene that fetched Julia Garner her third consecutive Emmy in a row. Devastated, Ruth screaming her lungs out to give a final heads up to Marty was everything in the last season.

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Wendy and her air of fear and apprehension

Another masterpiece from the show was Ruth warning those involved against Wendy. Instagram describes it asDanger lurks in the shadow of Gumdrop mountain. It certainly does because what happened next is not what many wanted.

Teaching us Liquidity

The hilarious moments of the show throughout the last season were most probably Ruth’s conversations with Frank junior. We all know what the poor lad had to go through. Hence, the segment is self-explanatory. Also, the out-of-the-box bullies that he had to face were a bit sad, but watching Julia glow in the room made up for it.

Anxiety attacks at an all-time high

This single line has become one of the most famous catchphrases that were ever associated with Ruth. When Marty had to leave all of a sudden and Ruth basically had to become the boss of all his possessions, she anxiously says to him in the graveyard. And we all know that Ruth, at this point, has been the most relatable to us than ever.

Beef with Wendy’s never ends

Ruth left us with a huge list of slang we had hardly heard about before. The time quit from Martys and slammed the files on the table while Wendy wanted to stop her was a treat to the eyes. As always, Ruth, forever unafraid of death, challenged Wendy, “the bi*chwolf” to kill her and left quietly.

Rules are Rules

Now that we look back, this scene feels like one of the show’s sweetest moments, as it was Ben’s and Ruth’s first encounter. Ruth talking to him with the same savagery unknown of what is coming for her in the future is just overwhelming. Although, she did make the rules very clear.

Request to go out

This is reportedly Julia’s favorite dialogue from the franchise. As she said in an interview with Vulture, she enjoyed it heartily while saying this out loud on the set. So next time we talk about Ruth, this legendary dialogue becomes synonymous with her.

Ruth is snow white but in a parallel universe…

Almost all her verbal exchanges with Marty are chef’s kisses. From the beginning to the end, they share a special bond, but as usual, it never stops Ruth from being the actual boss in her Ruling Days.

Do not touch Ruth’s Pringles

Back when everything was good between the cousins, this was one of the hilarious moments we must have witnessed. Her relationship with Wyatt was purest, but the ‘Ruth’lessness was equally high.

Cousin of death

This scene undoubtedly shattered our hearts into pieces. It made us sit at the edge of our seats with no nails, hoping for a miracle. We all expected Ruth to escape the heated situation somehow, but as the Langmores hierarchy had to end, Ruth had to end too.

However, it was still the most legendary scene of the franchise as Julia stayed true to Ruth till the very end and did not budge from the strength of her character.

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What were your top 10 scenes of Ruth Langmore? Do let us know in the comments below.

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