Army of Thieves: Schweighöfer’s Interview With Netflix on the Army Universe

Army of Thieves: Schweighöfer’s Interview With Netflix on the Army Universe

Army of Thieves, the prequel of the Army of the Dead, is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer. Army of Thieves is a heist comedy film inspired by the story of Zack Snyder and Shay Hatten. The film was released on Netflix on October 29th, 2021, and fans are going crazy about it. Only in a few days, it has received positive reviews from critics.

The cast of the film includes Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter, Nathalie Emmanuel as Gwendoline Starr, Ruby O. Fee as Korina Dominguez, Stuart Martin as Brad Cage, Guz Khan as Rolph, and Jonathan Cohen as Delacroix.

Before his breakthrough in Army Of Dead, Schweighöfer was already a successful actor and director in German films. He played a role in over 80 films and TV shows, 17 as a producer and 6 as a director.

In this prequel to Army of Dead, the plot develops around Ludwig Dieter, a German safecracker, played by Schweighöfer. He tries to accomplish a heist with a group of aspiring thieves before the zombie apocalypse.

Schweighöfer shares his views on Netflix’s Army of Thieves

Dieter was a fan favorite in Army Of Dead. He is one of Schweighöfer’s favorite characters. Schweighöfer explained, “he’s a very funny and likable dude. What I love about Dieter is that he’s just a normal guy but very shy, very weird. He has these crazy hobbies, he loves safes, and he believes in all this myth stuff. What I really love about this character is that he’s proof that everyone in the world needs love and wants to be loved by someone.”

Several films set the tone of Army Of Thieves. 1969 movie The Italian Job is one of the films that inspired the tone of Army Of Thieves. Schweighöfer claimed, “I think I saw every heist movie in the world from the ’60s on, and there’s a lot of heist movies, but I focused on the stories about safes. I never saw that in a film before. I focused on the Asian market too. I watched a lot of Asian horror stuff, movies like I Am a Hero and Train to Busan, and I watched Dawn of the Dead.”

The piercing scream is the ultimate comedy relief from both of the films. Schweighöfer claimed he does not scream like that in real life, but he has a very high-pitched laugh. He also added, “I love to use it for characters because it’s always a very unexpected move.”

Schweighöfer’s best advice to his fans is that everyone should have some type of passion and survival skills. The two films Army Of Dead and Army Of Thieves give us a lesson about taking chances in real life.

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