Are You A Superfan Of The Umbrella Academy? Test Yourself With This Quiz

Are You A Superfan Of The Umbrella Academy? Test Yourself With This Quiz

The Umbrella Academy, an American sci-fi television series, hit Netflix on February 15th, 2019. As the show launched the first season, it sent subscribers from around the globe into a binge-watching frenzy. This made the show #1 in Netflix’s top 10 streaming list.

After Season 1 was released, Netflix has reported that the show has been watched by 45 million subscribers around the world. This prompted the streaming giant to release a second season. The sequel is filled up with quirkier twists & turns. Both seasons have received a fair amount of positive critical reviews. Now we are eagerly waiting for the third season.

The plot of The Umbrella Academy revolves around a dysfunctional family of siblings with supernatural powers, adopted by a billionaire industrialist, who prepares his children to save the world. Seven siblings of The Umbrella Academy have charmed us with supernatural powers.

In the conversation with The Wrap, the showrunner Steve Blackman claims the superhero siblings still have to carry their baggage in this new reality. He explains, “They’re terrible for the world because they’re so dysfunctional as a family. These guys can’t get it right, both in their relationships with each other and as superheroes. But I think they’re getting a little bit better, and hopefully, if we’re lucky enough to get a Season 3, they will improve slightly.”

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Could You Beat The Ultimate Umbrella Academy Quiz?

While we wait for Season 3, let us brush up on your memory. So, Still Watching Netflix brings you the ultimate ‘The Umbrella Academy’ quiz on YouTube, “Who is the ultimate The Umbrella Academy superfan?” Munya Chawawa is here putting Netflix fans to the ultimate test. Super Fan vs. Superfan is the series where superfans battle with each other in front of enormous super fans (like actual giant fans), all in a bid to prove they are indeed the ultimate superfan.

The ultimate challenge of the competition is to find the true superfan in a windy city. The competitors claimed themselves as the master of The Umbrella Academy. They have to sit in front of the super fan, which will run at the speed of 20 miles per hour, and get the answers correct.

Get ready to take the ultimate superfan quiz. Can you beat us, comment down below?

  1. What is the name of five’s time-traveling companion?
  2. Which American singer-songwriter features as a character in the show?
  3. What’s the name of the doughnut restaurant where Agnes works that gets blown up?
  4. At the end of season two, what first alerts The Umbrella Academy to the fact that things might not be as they seem?
  5. What does Klaus keep that originally belongs to his love interest, Dave?
  6. What song did number seven teach Leonard to play on the violin in under an hour?

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