Are All Madea Movies Available on Netflix? Where to Watch?

Are All Madea Movies Available on Netflix? Where to Watch?

Cinema has given us a lot of memorable characters from all genres. Whether it be The Corleones from the crime films or Ernest from the hysterical Ernest movie series. One such role that has been with fans for over two decades is Tyler Perry’s Mabel Simmons, aka Madea. Perrys’ hilarious depiction of a tough African American woman has always been enjoyable to fans every time they see her.

Who is Mabel “Madea” Earlene Simmons

Madea is a character both played and created by actor Tyler Perry. The character’s first introduction was through the play I Can Do Bad All by Myself in 1999. Since then, the character has appeared in numerous plays and even more films. Even in an animated one. The movies are famous for delivering powerful social messages in a fun and humorous ways. Her big-screen debut was in 2005 in The diary of a Balck Women, which has themes of adultery, hurt, revenge, forgiveness.

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Perry credits his mother and aunt as inspirations for Madea. A fun fact Perry has also given Oprah credit for inspiring him to write the character after listening to her. In a 1992 show, Oprah says that writing about your fears gives a cathartic experience. And hence Madea was born.

Are Madea movies on Netflix?

Now that you are intrigued by Madea and her hilarious ways of instilling morals. Let us see where ca we stream all of her movies(12 to be exact). With the latest Madea film, A Madea Homecoming releasing on Netflix on the 25vth of February, it makes sense to think all of her other movies will be available on the streaming giant too.

However, that is not the case as the previous film is a Lionsgate production. The films are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video but with different plans.

Until the movies come on Netflix, give the newest one a try and let us know if you like Perry as Mades?

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