‘Archive 81’ Creators Reveal The Inspirations Behind The Show That Blends The Thriller, Horror, Suspense, And Supernatural Genres

‘Archive 81’ Creators Reveal The Inspirations Behind The Show That Blends The Thriller, Horror, Suspense, And Supernatural Genres

When we as humans are desperate to escape our reality; we find harbourage in the fictional realm that would also keep us connected to our roots. Netflix’s Archive 81 is one such masterpiece. With every episode, it takes us out of our world to conspiracy theories, a world of cults and Kaelego, wildfire taking down the building, and a girl taping it all. Dan fixing the tapes in isolation and drowning in hallucinations and whatnot in that process. Archive 81 is a blender of every genre you would want to watch slowly while enjoying the ride.

We do know that the storyline of Archive 81 is based on a horror podcast of the same name. But if you are wondering how Rebecca Sonnenshine knit this unputdownable show into horror, mystery, and myth, you came to the right place.

Where did Archive 81 creators take their inspiration from?

As we jump from one episode to the other, we feel more and more like we are right in the Archive 81 world. For instance, Melody created a documentary on her life, the Visser building, the VHS tapes, and the horror that follows. It seems like it was not long back when we read newspaper headlines filled with the era of some strange and horrendous anecdote. The purifying visuals and sounds are also add-ons to it.

Recently Netflix tweeted a post explaining how Archive 81 came out to be the masterpiece it is, taking inspiration from various other shows and movies to provide us with such a thrilling Mise-en-scene.

No doubt how The Shining’s lead character, author Jack Torrance, and Archive 81’s Dan Turner show a lot of similarities. Both trapped into an isolated space, a gargantuan silent prison riddled with strange occurrences and eerie visions, something demanding a tremendous sacrifice from them. While the idea of witchcraft, cults, and dark sinister secrets may have come from the likes of Suspiria; Rosemary’s baby may have inspired Sonnenshine how to direct the horrendous voice effects that we witness throughout the series.

Moreover, TV shows like X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Fringe may have inspired the showrunners to create a plot like this. A plot that revolves around a young girl going missing, and a young man finding his own roots in the case.

As you watch this masterpiece, let us know in the comment section how do you think Archive 81 has diverse genre that took inspiration from these movies and shows.

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