Anna Sorokin Reveals Her Life Post Anna Delvey Days And Thoughts On ‘Inventing Anna’ On Netflix

Anna Sorokin Reveals Her Life Post Anna Delvey Days And Thoughts On ‘Inventing Anna’ On Netflix

After thoroughly binge-watching the new Netflix mini-series Inventing Anna you might be curious about the real-life Anna Sorokin’s whereabouts. They sentenced her to jail after a brief release and approached for the show for research purposes. Sorokin offers some opinions on the series following its recent release. Let’s get into the interview, where she discusses her time in detention, reel life Anna Delvey, and more.

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Bridgeton, has created a nine-part Netflix series called ‘Inventing Anna.’ She restored the Anna Delvey case to the public eye. In 2010, Anna Sorokin pretended to be Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress of her own making, and deceived Manhattan’s elites into funding her travel and lavish lifestyle.

Ms. Sorokin was arrested in 2017 after defrauding banks and failing to pay large hotel bills in Manhattan. They released her in February 2021 after doing time in five different prisons. However, she was detained again by immigration authorities six weeks later for overstaying her visa. Ms. Sorokin discussed the Netflix show over several phone calls to the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, N.Y.

Anna admits that she has changed as a result of her ordeal

When asked if she had changed since the events depicted in the series occurred, which was ten years ago, Anna answered, “I feel like I changed immensely just due to the fact that I’ve been exposed to so many people and just seeing other people’s walks of life. Having been to prison and having been through the criminal justice system, it just exposed me to a whole different kind of a person, and my problems before just seem ridiculous.”

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Netflix paid $320,000 for Anna Sorokin’s life rights to the series and consultation. “I paid $198,000-something for restitution, which I have paid off in its entirety and right away, and the rest of it to my legal fees,” she replied when asked how she spent the money.

Reel and real-life Anna Sorokin share a special bond

Julia Garner read an article that Anna wrote for Business Insider and shared it to her Instagram story. When asked about how they know each other, Anna replied, “We have some mutual friends — she is a girl about town. We actually connected on Instagram when I was out, and we DM’d a bit, and then she jumped on my Clubhouse, which was really random.”

The Netflix show is a fictionalized account of a specific period in her life. When asked if there is anything else she would like viewers to know, she responded. “There is definitely a lot more to my story that I’d like to share. With that in mind, I’m working on multiple projects.”

Inventing Anna is currently streaming on Netflix. Apart from Julia Garner, it also stars Anna Chlumsky and Arian Moayed.

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