Ghostface From Scream 6 Is Cooler and Deadlier in This Anime-Style Video

Ghostface From Scream 6 Is Cooler and Deadlier in This Anime-Style Video

Just like heroes, villains are also aplenty in Hollywood. Immediately villains like Joker and Thanos come to mind. However, these villains have a goal or a rationale for their actions. But there are some villains who are just inherently evil. They are just plain bloodthirsty psychos. Ghostface is one example. The character has survived for years in culture and has managed to terrorize people in every other iteration of the movie Scream. The masked killer made a return once again to the theaters with Scream 6 on March 10. And right in time, animator David Liu has released an anime-style video that showcases the killer using anime action styles to strike at his prey!

Animator David Liu is one of the biggest fans of the Scream franchise, and he decided to make a cool animation video featuring his favorite killer. And boy, does Ghostface look extra terrifying in it! The video speaks volumes of Lou’s artistic talent as he perfectly captured the essence of the original killer.

The attention to detail here is commendable. While the mask and the black hood instantly make him recognizable, Liu has added the killer’s habit of wiping off blood from his knife. Fans of anime and the film franchise will certainly appreciate the anime stylistic choices that Liu has used in the short film. 

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The clip opens with a young woman sitting alone at home, reading a book when she receives a phone call. As she reaches for her phone, the killer springs at her with his knife pointed at her. What ensues is a struggle between the two until she heads for the door. ‘

This version of Ghostface comes when the iconic villain has returned for another run at terrorizing Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega.

Ghostface returned in Scream 6 to terrorize Jenna Ortega 

Jenna Ortega’s character, Tara Carpenter, and Melissa Barrera’s Sam survived in Scream 5. For the next installment, the sister duo relocated to New York City, leaving behind Woodsboro. However, little do they know that Ghostface will pay them a visit to Big Apple, too. Before the killer drives the knife through their hearts, they have to figure out who among their new and old friends has assumed the killer’s identity. 

The film also stars older Scream stars like Hayden Panettiere and Courtney Cox. The flick is already doing great at the box office. The series star, Jenna has already thought about who she wants to star alongside in the next sequel

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