An Anti-Bollywood Tale: The White Tiger Review

An Anti-Bollywood Tale: The White Tiger Review

The White Tiger is about social inequality and an adaptation of a same-named literary work. The film appears as an anti-Bollywood tale. India and its caste system are at the center of the film. The story is based on people’s alienation in India after British colonialism. Just like in the book, we watch how the main character becomes rich and how he gets out of his lower class in The White Tiger.

In The White Tiger, the main goal is to show people the good and the bad in different ways. Bad characters are not just bad through moral defects, but through circumstance, while good characters don’t always stay good. They are trying to make a point of innocence and how it actually has been corrupted.

So they make you question that less or much money can make you a bad or good person so why or how would it matter? You are what you are anyway.

Not just a drama but also has a Brilliant Humour

While you watchThe White Tiger‘, you just don’t think but also you laugh. really loud. The movie has its own kinda humor that does not make you bored with just dram. Bahrami tries not to portray Indian society and geography as an exotic circus, and not to imitate a Hollywood feast like the Millionaire – Slumdog Millionaire. In other words, we do not see an aestheticized poverty or ignorance in any frame of the film, we do not watch a glamorous, dancing story. The performances, especially Gourav’s, are uniformly brilliant. He will hold you spellbound throughout.

Is ‘The White Tiger’ Already on Netflix?

The White Tiger was released in theatres on 13 January 2021 and on Netflix on 22 January 2021. The White Tiger received positive reviews from critics who praised its direction, screenplay, and performances by the cast. The movie has already put its self up to Netflix’s top 10 list.  The White Tiger is directed by Ramin Bahrani, known for 99 Ev, Fahrenheit 451, and Man Push Cart. Bahrani also wrote the screenplay of the movie as well. And the leading role is played by an Indian film actor and singer Adarsh Gourav. Gourav is best known for his portrayal of Mohit Chadda in the 2017-film Mom and he garnered lots of critical acclaim with his performance in the series.

Here is the trailer if you are interested;

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