Alyssa Milano Talks About Her New Film Brazen On Netflix And Her Long Haul With COVID-19

Alyssa Milano Talks About Her New Film Brazen On Netflix And Her Long Haul With COVID-19

Netflix’s newly released film, Brazen is currently trending on the platform. The movie starring actress Alyssa Milano is described as a combination of murder mystery with Fifty Shades of Grey. The film is inspired by the novel Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts, and Milano has taken the film into the big screen, from the comfort of the audience’s own home.

Glamour has described the film with a snappy teaser: “It’s bonkers. You’ll love it.”

The plot of the film develops around a thrilling mystery environment, where Grace, a high-profile writer, races back to Washington D.C. to her family after her sister was murdered.  Detective Ed (Sam Page) takes up the investigation and finds that Grace’s sister lived a “double life as a webcam performer”. Despite all the warnings from the detective, Grace immersed herself in the murder investigation.

To promote the film, Milano had a conversation with The View. She claims that the film was shot during the pandemic with many complexities. She explains, “I think it’s got everything for escapism. It’s got mystery and action, and as we saw, a hot neighbor. Great performances by Sam Page. Malachi Weir is just so talented. We shot during the pandemic, which was really difficult and fascinating. A lesson on how, if the protocol is followed, we can actually prevent this thing. We shot for three and a half months, it’s very hard to shoot a movie. We’re all in close quarters. Because the protocol was so strict, not one person got sick on the crew. It was a great experience for me.”

Let us find out more about Netflix’s Brazen, in the words of Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano’s Brazen

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano recently joined CBS Mornings to discuss her new film “Brazen” and filming during the pandemic. Additionally, she discussed her health journey with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms and her memories of Bob Saget.

Being an activist, Alyssa has been part of various movements like the right to vote and the #metoo. The host was sure that it was very natural to her to play a role of a strong woman who fights for others. But, her major concern was, “what was the difference for you to be an executive producer on the project and also the star in the movie?”

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To which, Milano replied it needed a lot more emotional investment. The actress had a long conversation with the author of the film Nora Roberts about the lead character of the film, Grace. Milano claims, “I did read the book first (before the script). And I had a conversation with Nora Roberts that I said to her, you know what? Tell me something about Grace that isn’t in the book that you want me to include. Because I was looking for just character quirks and interesting things about her.”

She also added, “And she said to me that Grace is the type of girl that will sit on the computer and drink a beer and have a slice of pizza. And I was like, that’s all I need.”

Milano’s Covid Journey

Milano also praises Roberts as an incredible writer with amazing female leading characters. But, the pandemic threw a lot of challenges during the filming and production of the film. Some parts of the pandemic are even reflected in the film. Milano explains, “there is a certain closeness and connection we made. And also like a freshness, because we weren’t able to rehearse at all.” 

Even the actress had a very rough time with covid and she was very vocal on the social media platforms. It’s high time that people need to take the pandemic seriously.

“I am much better, after my second Moderna vaccine, my long-haul symptoms to ease up”, she told the hosts. Milano also added, “I guess happens to like 40% of long-haul patients. But I still have a shortness of breath sometimes and heart palpitations and tingling in my hand. It’s scary sometimes.”

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