All of Us Are Dead: This New Theory About the Show Will Boggle Your Mind

All of Us Are Dead: This New Theory About the Show Will Boggle Your Mind

All of us are dead gathered immense success within a few days of its release on January 28. The show pacts a great storyline and some heartwarming scene that resonates with its fans, thus increasing its popularity. The audience mainly fell in love with Nam On-Jo, most of the show focuses. Through On-Jo’s survival tactics, she and her friends are able to get out of deadly situations more than once.

However, we are sure you missed an exciting detail about her. SPOILER ALERT!!!

Nam On-Jo bitten or not?

In the first episode, All of us are dead when the first student gets infected with the virus in the science lab. On-Jo and the group rush her to the nurses’ office to ensure she is alright. While the infected student is being held down in the clinic, she injures On-jo. But Brain Pilot thinks otherwise. Brain Pilot has pointed out that in the nurses’ office, On-jo might have been bitten and not scratched as the hands of the infected student were held down.

Moreover, later in the show, we see that the infected mouse does not bite On-Jo. It could’ve happened as we know that zombies don’t eat zombies in the show!

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All of us are dead- What to expect in the future

As the success of All of us are dead is still, new creators are yet to confirm or deny any of these theories. However, if these turn out to be true, season 2 of the show will have a huge reveal.

If On-Jo has an immunity to the virus, her character will be of most importance in the upcoming season. It might mean that she has to sacrifice her life to eradicate the virus. And considering how her character has compassion for others, she is selfless in helping others. On-Jo becoming the cure and sacrificing her life falls right under her character arc.

So what do you think are these theories true, or are we just overthinking them? Let us know in the comments if there are some theories that you might’ve come up with.

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    and if the hamster is tested or being tests on it then it can make someone immune and someone get virus by the blood line

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