Alexander Dreymon AKA Uhtred Reveals the Challenges of Working With This Co-star in Season 5 of the Last Kingdom

Alexander Dreymon AKA Uhtred Reveals the Challenges of Working With This Co-star in Season 5 of the Last Kingdom

March 9 is here which marks the return of the long-awaited series, The Last Kingdom. The last time Uhtred took us on an adventure was in 2020, after a long time, the brave warrior is back to continue his story. Before season 5, which is also the final season, hits the platform, lead star, Alexander Dreymon, had a chat with Express. He revealed what it was like filming with his co-star and being behind the camera. 

His new costar is a moody teenager

Dreymon looks cool and almost effortless when he is riding his horse in The Last Kingdom, and fighting off his adversaries. But as it turns out, in reality, it takes a lot of effort on Dreymon’s part. His horse, Pedro, is moody, thus the actor has to be alert at all times. 

” I ride a horse called Pedro who is basically a bit of a moody teenager, so he is always testing the limits. So you always have to be on top of that, at the same time as doing your scene. There is a level of alertness, it’s such an enjoyable wave to ride on.”

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But the 39-year-old enjoys filming with animals. 

“I love the contact with the animal and the life that automatically breathes into each and every scene just because you have to be so alert to every movement that the horse does. To everything that he tries.”

Dreymon donned the director’s hat for The Last Kingdom season 5

The German native had been playing the titular character Uhtred ever since the show first aired in 2015. It is a physically demanding role, but the actor reiterates that he enjoys all of it. 

“I really enjoy the physical aspect of it and the horse-riding aspect of it.”

For season 5 of The Last Kingdom, Dreymon decided to take the director’s seat besides playing the leading role. “This season, having been behind the camera and being part of the whole prep, I really witnessed how much work went into these sets and how much attention to detail there is,” he said. 

So now he has more work to do other than just riding a horse and wielding weapons.

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