After Love’s Death in California, Joe Heads to Paris in Search for New Interest as ‘You’ Season 4 Goes Into Production

After Love’s Death in California, Joe Heads to Paris in Search for New Interest as ‘You’ Season 4 Goes Into Production

If you thought that watching all these real-life crime stories was enjoyable and probably the last of dangerous stories Netflix is going to serve to you, that my friend you are nothing but absolutely wrong. Why? Do you ask? Well, because there is a certain murderous and yet absolutely loveable man that puts you in the dilemma of loving and hating him coming back to your favorite streaming network. Yes, we are indeed talking about Joe Goldberg and his arrival along with You Season 4. Here is everything you need to know about it!

Well, after the rather unsettling end to the third season of the show, the world was wondering when and how the story will go forward for Joe (and, of course, Love). Well, we know Joe is now taking things international, with locking his target in France. But would he actually be able to do what he has always been so good at? Which is being an alluring character and a problematic man? Looks like we will finally get to learn all that soon, as the production for You Season has finally begun!

You Season 4: Production started for the enticing fourth season of the Netflix drama

It was at the end of season 3 when the showrunner of the Netflix Original Sera Gamble voiced her idea of having Joe placed in an Alien, non-American environment. “I would love to do a season where Joe stepped outside the United States and was an American fish out of the water,” Sera said. And it appears to us that she is finally going to make it happen!

The production for the fourth season of You has finally begun, and we get to look at Joe doing things for “love” in the very city of love. Joe is here looking for (following) Marienne, who he believes to be his soulmate (seriously? that’s like what his 3rd soulmate? or 4th?). However, we sure are thrilled to find out how it all happens for the man-in-a-cap.

Many viewers are also worried if Joe will go back for his son, Henry. Sure, he left his wife poisoned and their house burnt when he left for Paris. But he also left their son Henry alive there. Now, we know he is definitely not the biggest lover of his son, but it will be rather too dark if he never even goes back for him.

What do you think Joe will do? Let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, you can stream the first three seasons of You on Netflix.

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