‘A Perfect Pairing’ Star Victoria Justice “Didn’t Know a Ton [About Wine]”, So She “Had Some Good Cabernet Sauvignon”

‘A Perfect Pairing’ Star Victoria Justice “Didn’t Know a Ton [About Wine]”, So She “Had Some Good Cabernet Sauvignon”

Preparing for roles is the first and foremost thing an actor has to do. And over the years, actors have gone a great distance to get into the minds of their characters. For example, Daniel Day-Lewis refused to leave his wheelchair in My Left Foot, and Leonardo DiCaprio ate real liver in The Revenant. However, for Netflix’s A Perfect Pairing, star Victoria Justice too did some research. But it was less intense and more fun.

Let us take a look at how Victoria decided to prepare for her role in the full of love and wine rom-com A Perfect Pairing.

How did Victoria Justice prepare for her role?

In Netflix’s new rom-com, Victoria Justice plays a wine sales executive who quits her job in a huge firm to start her own wine distributary. However, the catch is she needs a huge client and her search for one takes her to Australia.

While playing a wine executive you need to know a great deal about it. But sadly for Victoria, she knew nothing about wines before taking up the role. So for the role to look promising to others she had to learn more about wines.

That is why she states driving wines, Cabernet Sauvignon in particular, and according to Justice, she loves the preparation for her role. She said, “I didn’t know a ton [about wine]. “I’ve been to Napa Valley before … I knew enough and I drank a little bit for it and had some good Cabernet Sauvignon: That’s my favorite and that was my prep. It was research.”

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The 29-year-old actress says she’d fill a board with Parmesan cheese, baked brie, figs, prosciutto, and dark chocolate. And one very special sort of olive if she were making charcuterie to complement the wines her character, a wine executive, distributes.

She says, “I only like a certain kind of olive. It’s the green ones with the pit in it. Castelvetrano olives? They’re really good.

Maybe it was all the preparation she did for her role. But the fans are adoring her in the role of Lola and want more of her. 

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    September 27, 2022 at 2:42 am

    When was the last time any wine snob had a glass of some wine in some cheateau under a cashmere blanket. Or what are the MAGICAL places that wine take you to? wine people, or the ones playing the part of, can be Overwhelmingly POMPOUS SNOBS! wine is fermented grape juice, it is not a jet, not a charriot, not a magic carpet, not ANYTHING that can transport you ANYWHERE!!!

    HAHAHA I’ve only come across one sommelier and she was a MEGA SNOB to the Nth degree!

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