The Summit of the Gods: A Magnificent Adaptation of Jiro Taniguchi’s Manga Series On Netflix

The Summit of the Gods: A Magnificent Adaptation of Jiro Taniguchi’s Manga Series On Netflix

After watching the trailer of The Summit of the Gods, fans of the outdoors will have a hard time staying in. The French animated movie has excited the audience, as it showcased a fresh idea for the animated-movie genre.

The animation of the film took nothing away from the cinematic experience. Fans got an out-of-the-box movie experience on Netflix on 30th November. Let us dive into what makes the movie so special.

A unique cultural mix

The Summit of the Gods is the perfect example of different cultures intertwining to create a beautiful movie. Patrick Imbert, an award-winning French director, directed this adaptation of a manga series. Jiro Taniguchi has written and illustrated the manga series.

Jiro Taniguchi has adapted his manga from a novel by Baku Yumemakura. An American platform will release a film comprising animated Japanese characters conversing in French. It can’t get any more diverse than this.

Intriguing Plot

George Mallory, a climber who disappeared while scaling Mt. Everest, owned a camera which photojournalist Fukamachi discovers and is curious to find out the truth about Mallory.

In this process, he meets another outcast climber, Habu Joji, who wants to attempt a solo climb to Everest without oxygen. Thereafter, Fukamachi convinces Joji to let him capture his solo climb from a distance.

Scenes captured emotions

Nail-biting cliffhanger scenes are a must in mountain expedition movies. Even in the trailer, one could witness the same. The voice actors have shown their prowess by delivering the right sentiment through the dialogues. Conveying emotions through animation is a tough job, but they seemed to integrate various emotions seamlessly. Every animated movie relies heavily on soundtracks and background scores. The movie gives us goosebumps through the music. On IMDb, it has 7.5 stars.

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If you are planning to climb Everest, mark your calendars, and you should do the same even if you aren’t going, for when else would you have time to watch an animated Everest.

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