7 Tweets to Get You Interested in William Shatner’s ‘The Unxplained’ Streaming on Netflix

7 Tweets to Get You Interested in William Shatner’s ‘The Unxplained’ Streaming on Netflix

Deadly creatures, sinister demons, bizarre phenomena, haunted forests, and much more. Only one thing behind all this: curious scientists and their game-changing experiments. Sure, this reminds you of the popular Netflix drama Stranger Things. Sadly, it is just a memory for now. With its season 4 finale, we are struggling back to fit into our normal routine because, well; we have nothing as good to watch and we don’t want to lose the dark vibe of the Netflix Original just yet. But waiting for season 5 won’t be a long stretch? Now, what if we told you Netflix has one more of such gore dramas to keep you sane? William Shatner’s The UnXplained on Netflix will satisfy all your cravings to watch dramas in this genre.

And for your satisfaction, it isn’t just us asking you to binge-watch this sci-fi drama, but fans on Twitter have also showered as much love to The Unxplained. Here are a few tweets we combed down just for you. Be alert though, these posts might make you leave everything and binge-watch this Stranger Things-like show in one go.

Tweets that will make you binge-watch The UnXplained on Netflix

Originally aired on the History channel back in 2019, the first season of The UnXplained recently landed on the platform of Netflix and has rocketed directly into streamer’s top-10 charts. If this isn’t enough hint for you, don’t worry, these 7 tweets, presented only for you, will change your mind.

#1 Interestingly, Krishna’s butterfly as mentioned in this tweet may have godly powers

#2 Secondly, the fan found the series just dope!! Shatner talks about this mysterious river that apparently gets lost in the heavens.

#3 Does ancient civilization intrigue you? Seems like The UnXplained has the answers to all.

#4 The series also talks about a castle in USA that makes low humming sounds all by itself. Scary right?

#5 These intriguing forests of Poland would surely remind you of Upside Down

#6 This balancing rock in Madhya Pradesh, India, will surely blow off all your knowledge about science

#7 At last, Mexico’s silent zone where you couldn’t even hear your friend’s voice. It truly is sinister!!

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We are sure that you are now convinced enough to binge on The UnXplained only on Netflix. However, if you are still in doubt, let us tell you that the series investigates the truths behind some of the most intriguing, bizarre, and puzzling mysteries in history. The Unxplained is now streaming on Netflix. Once you are done watching the show, let us know your opinions about it in the comment section below.

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