50M2 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and What We Know So Far

50M2 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and What We Know So Far

50M2 has been a popular addition to Netflix since the day it released. The new Turkish series started to air on 27th January, Netflix. It also didn’t take long for audiences to binge-watch the whole eight episodes so they already started to wait and think for season 2. But will 50M2 return for a new season Netflix? And If it will then when?

Gölge, the main character stars Engin Öztürk, was doing Servet Nadir’s dirty work until he finds out the dark secrets of his boss. Servet Nadir has saved Gölge when he was a little child from the streets after his born-parents’ death and raised him under his custody. At least Gölge knew the story as if it was true cause he also doesn’t remember anything about his childhood or his parents.

However, It won’t take long until Gölge’s shady past catches up with him. He learns that everything he knew about his life is a lie including his father-ish boss too. So he runs away and hides out in a 50 square meters (50M2) tailor shop which he found by chance. The people think he is the son of the recently died tailor’s so they give the shop to him. What is more surprising is Gölge chooses to embrace the new identity and decides to stay in that neighborhood.

When will come 50M2 season 2?

Most of the fans have binged their way through 50M2 and saw its dramatic and cliffhanger ending. So it is very normal of them to ask if the series will return to Netflix with season 2. The series has achieved a mass that cannot be underestimated in a short time and still continues to grow. But there hasn’t been certain information given yet, it seems.

One of the strongest reasons why the series’ fate is not certain yet is the 50M2 was just released on Netflix on January 27th. So we should consider the truth that analyzing the viewing figures takes some time for Netflix so that they can greenlight and announce a new season.

But on the other hand, we can assume that the series’ season 2 will actually be coming anyways if we have a look at how episode 8 ends. Hopefully, at least. But there is no release date information given for season 2 just yet, although 50M2’s and fans’ pending status. But let’s just hope we won’t have to wait long. We can at least have some hope by the fact that season 1 ended was like to be continued. Though, we shouldn’t also forget that it wouldn’t be the first project Netflix left hanging and undone.

So I guess we have nothing to do besides waiting for the new season for a little more. While waiting, you might also want to take a look at other Turkish series on Netflix right now. Hope to see you soon for more news about 50M2.

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