5 Ways to Calm Yourself Till Stranger Things Season 4 Drops on Netflix

5 Ways to Calm Yourself Till Stranger Things Season 4 Drops on Netflix

Fans are in a frenzy before the release of the new hot season 4 of Stranger Things. The stars promoting the new season on various talk shows, revealing little details about the new season, have added fuel to the fire. Its sci-fi genre and predictable plot style are an obvious attraction to fan theories. Here have a glimpse at some of the fans going ‘Upside Down’ for the release.

If you share the same sentiments, here are 5 ways to calm yourself.

Watch similar shows like Stranger Things

Dark is one such show. It is a sci-fi thriller and far more serious than Stranger Things. It explores topics of time travel and spans from the past to the future. The Umbrella Academy is another. It has a bunch of people with superpowers and they either save the world or fight among themselves. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is also a horror-themed show and has a coming-of-age story. Some of the other similar shows are Shadowhunters, Elite, and Outer Banks

Rewatch the most popular episodes of Stranger Things

Season 1 Episode 8, The Upside Down. This was our introduction to the other world, The Upside Down; as Joyce and Hopper travel to the other side to save Will. Also, it has Steve Harrington’s heroic fight.

Season 3 Episode 8, The Battle of Starcourt – This is fans’ best-ever memory of the show. Dustin and Suzie’s Neverending story song. It also has the infamous Starcourt Mall fight. Season 2 Episode 9, The Gate, shows Hopper and Eleven teaming up to shut the gate to the Upside Down.

Try calming exercises

Deep breathing helps flow more oxygen into the body thus relieving stress. Yoga promotes relaxation and calms the nerves. Take a walk to pass some time till the 27th May release. Take a bubble bath. Sleep.

Read/Watch theories for Stranger Things season 4

Since fan theories are getting served on a platter, make use of them. Read them and update yourself on the Stranger Things universe. You can also see these theories explained on YouTube. It’s also stress-busting to see other fans as stressed as you.

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There’s no need to calm down

Don’t stress yourself trying to calm down; don’t. It’s Stranger f**ing Things there’s no need to calm down. If you’re calm, you might be abnormal or are just lying about having seen the show. So hype it as much as you can because season 4 ain’t coming again.

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To brush up on your Stranger Things bible, check out Netflix, this might be the best time to catch up before the new season drops. Also do let us know in the comments which of the above helped you.

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