5 Series to Watch if You Like Sex Education

5 Series to Watch if You Like Sex Education

After binge-watching every season of Sex Education, if you are wondering what to watch next that will be equally brilliant and hilarious, you have come to the right place. Find below the list of shows similar to Sex Education.

These series’ major concern are to hold up and address mental and physical issues of teenagers in an amusing way. The transition from teenage to adulthood can be scary as well as an emotionally transforming rollercoaster ride.

But series like Sex Education give us some confidence to deal with it. Netflix’s Sex Education dives into  teenager’s struggles and their wrestling with their sexuality. It covers issues like sex, peer pressure, drug usage, alcohol, physical and mental sanity. The comically dramatic and insightful series revolves around a teenage boy named Otis and his fellow mates of Moordale Secondary school.

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So, while you wait for the next season on Netflix, let’s explore some shows you can binge if you enjoyed watching Sex Education.

Never Have I Ever

Like Netflix’s Sex Education, Never Have I Ever explore the same issues. The plot develops around an Indo-American teenage girl who is still exploring the journey of a teenager. Sex, relationships, friendships, drug usage, alcohol, going to a therapist, and so much more. Episodes change with wit and emotions, eventually ending in an emotional meltdown.

The End Of The F***ing World

This Netflix series is also a British drama. With such an explicit title, we can easily assume the series is quirky, crazy, and outlandish. This is also a teen drama just like Sex Education. The comedy elements of the show are very dark and deep. The show follows two free-spirited teenagers who are left in the world unsupervised. The boy is convinced that he is a psychopath and the girl is bored in the new town. They both meet and explore a whole different world.


Elite on Netflix is a Spanish drama. By its title, we can assume it’s a story of high-class people. This story develops around three working-class teenagers who enroll themselves in a private school. The clash between the middle-class and high-class teens leads to a murder. The murderer is still free, and the students are still hunting the murderer. With passing episodes, the murder mystery becomes more mysterious as the teenage students tackle their issues. The series blends teenage challenges with mystery.

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Trinkets is a Netflix teen drama. Its theme is focused on three teenage girls. The story develops when these three teenagers meet while attending Shoplifter Anonymous. Their past experience and shoplifting stories bring them closer, which results in friendship. But will their friendship be harmful to them or will they survive?

Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks is another quirky teenage drama on Netflix. Netflix is flooded with some fantastic teenage dramas dealing with puberty, adolescents and teenage growth. This series develops around a high school. Everything Sucks of Netflix does cover issues like mental health and sexuality.

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