5 Reasons You Should Be Streaming Danish Thriller ‘Loving Adults’ on Netflix Right Now

5 Reasons You Should Be Streaming Danish Thriller ‘Loving Adults’ on Netflix Right Now

There is comfort in spending a cozy night with a bucket of your favorite junk food and watching a psychological thriller. These engrossing storylines give us an adrenaline rush. And Netflix ensures that we are served with regular doses of these storylines. Even watching with subtitles doesn’t take away the fun when the plot is meaty. The newest Danish thriller Loving Adults is just about all that and more.

Originally named Kaerlighted vor voksne in Danish, the movie is an adaptation of Anna Ekberg’s novel Till Death Do Us Apart. The 105-minute film is directed by Barbara Rothenberg and produced by Marchella Dichmann with Dar Salim, Karoline Hamm, and Lars Ranthe as the lead cast. It has now been released on Netflix. The movie begins with a former cop sharing a case with his daughter, a case so twisted, that it will keep you on your toes.

Loving Adults: Reasons to watch this new thriller

There are many reasons to watch a thriller film, especially if you love the genre. However, these five reasons will have you streaming Loving Adults right away.

1. First of Its Kind: Streaming international shows allow viewers to explore the world through their screen. Loving Adults is a Netflix Original thriller released worldwide in the Danish language. It was shot in the beautiful landscapes of Fyn, an island in Denmark.

2. The Characters: The selling point of this movie is how it changes your emotions about the characters as the movie proceeds. It goes from seeing a person as a victim to a crazy nut and vice versa. It is a rollercoaster and manipulation that you wouldn’t mind. Be it Leonara’s short temper, Christian’s infidelity, or Xenia’s raunchy and shrewd moves. The characters have their unique attributes that you will learn as the movie uncovers the many layers.

3. Based on a Novel: Since the movie is based on Anna Ekberg’s novel Till Death Do Us Apart, you can enjoy reading the book after watching the movie for in-depth analysis and comparisons. That is if you understand Danish or find a translation.

4. The Why’s and The How: Considering the twists and turns, you start predicting the end right at the middle of the movie. The wait for the answer keeps you on your toes and you wouldn’t mind being wrong because the climax is so good! So while you may have storylines similar to these, the twists are always mind-bending and wild.

5. Changes Your Outlook: The takeaway: Every movie we watch usually ends with a message. This one tells you, you can cheat you, can lie but you cannot hide the truth. To add to it, not every movie ends with a rainbow and sunshine. Sometimes endings are grim, and you must make your peace with it.

A peak into the movie’s plot and theme

The plot revolves around a long-term married couple Christian and Leonara with a son in crunches, who is finally recovering. Leonara, gives up her career as a violinist to take care of her son, while her husband owns a construction company. She begins to suspect Christian’s faithfulness and the sexual heat between him and his tempting colleague Xenia. However as Leonara quotes in the trailer, ‘Ups and downs are normal in a long marriage’, the couple deals with things together, even in sinister ways.

Now, if you liked watching 365 days (which is also based on a book), Dark Desire, and I See You, you will enjoy this movie as well. Regardless of critical review, it is making a buzz. So watch it now on Netflix, and let us know in the comments.

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