5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Vikings Before Vikings: Valhalla

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Vikings Before Vikings: Valhalla

Netflix’s spiritual successor Vikings: Valhalla is a great show. The show’s first season had some great moments and really hit home among fans. However, we can’t help but compare the two shows, and it looks like we have a clear winner. So here are five reasons you should watch Vikings before Vikings: Valhalla.

Vikings has a better story than Valhalla

It goes without saying that both Vikings and Vikings: Valhalla are not historically accurate. However, Vikings still manage to bring authenticity to their story and characters. There is a sense of emotion that feels missing from Vikings: Valhalla. War and revenge are common to both series. But it feels like what Vikings does with Ragnar to Ivar and everything in between Valhalla just cannot.

Vikings: Valhalla lacks good characters

Do not get us wrong. Valhalla has some great main characters that are historically significant, and they have equally impressive secondary characters like Queen Emma. Where Vikings: Valhalla is beaten by its predecessor is execution. Leif from Valhalla has no real purpose in the series and goes forward without any real motive or passion. While in comparison, Vikings have a tremendous unifying character like Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar is so inspirational that he is still being recalled and respected even after 100 years since his death.

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Vikings tops in action

Both series have a fair share of action and battle sequences. In fact, the season finale of Vikings: Valhalla ends with a really great battle sequence. But battles from Vikings were so deep and extremely personal, something that lacks in Valhalla. The warriors, too, from Vikings, were a different breed. They were beasts and had great ferocity and courage to them. Warriors aren’t the same in Valhalla and even appear cowardly at times.

Better mythology in Vikings

The reason why Vikings: Valhalla does not include Norse mythology as much as we previously saw in Vikings is a conscious one. In the new series, the Vikings are having an interpersonal conflict over their Pagan belief and Christianity. That is why Norse mythology is not used. So if you are a lover of the mythology and want to see more of it watch Viking before you watch Valhalla to quench your thirst for mead.

Vikings is a better show

Vikings: Valhalla is only a season old now. So to call it a completely bad show will be wrong well have to wait for at least another season to make that call. But it goes without saying that Vikings is in fact, a better show. Vikings have great characters authentic and raw battle scenes. Unique side characters that grow as the story grows.

So we leave it up to you. Do give both shows a watch as they are streaming on Netflix.

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