4 Comedies on Netflix to Watch If You Like ‘A Madea Homecoming’

4 Comedies on Netflix to Watch If You Like ‘A Madea Homecoming’

The world stopped for a couple of days when the evergreen character of Madea returned. Tyler Perry, who previously announced the retirement of his iconic character, brought it back for a Netflix original movie, A Madea Homecoming. The movie is bagging absolutely amazing reviews from the critics. And at the same time observing a scoop of nostalgia for many people. If you are someone who loved A Madea Homecoming on Netflix and are looking for similar comedies on Netflix to binge on. We have just the right list for you!

Madea is indeed a character that many people love. And it comes as no surprise that she is a character that we just cannot have enough of. Hence, when Perry announced Madea will return, nothing could put a lid on our excitement. However, we know that you have already finished watching the Netflix Original movie, so here are more similar titles for you to binge on.

Comedies on Netflix that you should stream if you liked A Madea Homecoming


Every single movie starring Tyler Perry as Madea is one way or another knit around her family. But what if there is a movie where the entire family is not been known by the lead character? Well, that is exactly the case with Marlon Wayans’ movie Sextuplet. The story follows Allan, an expectant father who sets out to find his birth mother. However, instead of her, he comes across a brother he never even knew he had. One thing leads to another, and he soon realizes that he actually has 5 siblings, and thus is a sextuplet.

Then Alan and his brother go out on a road trip to find every single sibling of theirs. Meanwhile, Alan questions his decision to find his brothers and sisters. Marlon Wayans has played the role of every single sibling and has truly delivered a memorable performance.

Grown Ups

Grown Ups features a group of the once successful basketball team which now barely see each other. However, the boys are reunited when their coach dies and they have to attend the funeral. Over the weekend, they meet at a house that was once a place where they partied. While each one of them has some problem in their life, they try to relive the childhood days at that house.

The story of these adults trying to imitate their childhood is a really fun story. Something you should definitely check out.

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Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie

One just cannot talk about comedies and not talk about the legendary Mr. Bean. Of course, the slapstick expert makes it to the list. Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie features Rowan Atkinson in his signature role, who is employed at the Royal National Gallery of Britain. However, the management is clearly not happy with his work, as they always find Bean sleeping while on duty.

The support from the chairman of the board has kept Bean employed. He is soon sent to the United States in order to protect as well as officiate the opening ceremony of the greatest American picture ever. But, in the classic Bean fashion, everything just goes wrong with the character and he finds himself amidst a plethora of problems. This is the perfect thing if you are looking for comedies on Netflix.

Comedies on Netflix to watch: Don’t Look Up

And finally, a comedy starring Tyler Perry himself, Don’t Look Up. The Netflix Original movie is a satire on the current governments and the way no one takes climate change seriously. Starring some of the most famous people from the industry, it is a movie you should definitely check out. The story follows two astronomers who set out on a press run to warn the world about a comet that will hit the earth.

This is something that will make you laugh, but at the same time makes you think about a lot of things and people, politicians, celebrities, governments, media, and many more.

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What other comedies on Netflix would you like us to check out? Tell us in the comments below.

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