‘365 days This Day’ Reviews : Fans React to the New Release Says “First one was better”

‘365 days This Day’ Reviews : Fans React to the New Release Says “First one was better”

The movie 365 days, adapted from the trilogy of books by Blanka Lipinska, saw soaring success on Netflix. It really blew up after all the controversies it came to be known for. It became one of the most controversial movies of 2020 when critics reviewed it to be encouraging rape culture, patriarchy, and douchiness. After the horrific reviews though, the movie peaked and remained on the top of Netflix’s most-watched list for 10 days. The freakishly charming actor, Michele Morrone as Massimo was also called ‘polish descendant of Christian Grey from the 50 shades trilogy’, by the fans.

Now that the sequel is out, fans were quick to go on Twitter and review it. Without further ado, let us have a look at what fans have to say.

365 days: This day fan reviews

The new movie brings in new drama and lots of sexual scenes. Fans loved how they solved everything with sex. And it became the major appeal of the show. Fans even compared the show to porn because of the frequency of sex scenes and the variety of it.

Here are some of the fan reviews of 365 days: This Day, on Twitter:

What is the movie about?

The story revolves around a super good-looking, manly man, challenging a pretty woman that she’ll fall for him within 365 days. Stockholm syndrome takes its course and she falls for him way before the 365 days timeline. The mafia couple then goes through several hardships to keep their love afloat. To the viewer’s dismay, the first movie was left on a cliffhanger but left so much room for excitement for the second part.

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The second part brings along Laura’s pregnancy with Massimo’s child as speculated from the books. She also gets kidnapped. What makes its worse is that she gets kidnapped by Massimo, later revealed to be his secret twin! The twin wants to conquer Laura’s heart as an act of revenge on his brother. In this unexpected turn of events, Massimo is obviously heartbroken and does everything he can to get his love back safe.

Even though the critics have given very bad reviews with its Rotten Tomato critic score of zero, the movie has set a pop culture bar with all its steamy scenes. The fans seem to be living for it.

What do you think about the movie? Let us know in the comment section.

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    i am very mad, cliffhangers are the worst thing ever. also, i called it. also also Nacho man is good looking. STILL VERY MAD

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